Do you charge a monthly fee even if you don’t pick up our medical waste?

National medical waste companies charge you an automatic monthly fee even if they don’t pick up any medical waste that month.

Oncore Technology will only charge when we pick up your medical waste.

Will you raise our prices during the term of our agreement?

The agreement with your current medical waste disposal company likely allows them to raise their prices by as much as 18% per year, every year.  That means by the end of your agreement you could be paying twice as much as the original
quoted rate. Oncore Technology does not believe you should have to pay too much for great medical waste disposal services.  That’s why we will never raise your prices over the term of our agreement.


Are your pickup schedules flexible enough to meet our needs?

Most medical waste disposal companies use large box trucks to pick up medical waste, so it’s expensive to change schedules and re-route their trucks to meet your needs.

Oncore Technology won’t force you to fit into our schedule. We use smaller vehicles for waste pickups, allowing for flexible pickup days and times that meet your schedule…not ours.

Will you help us reduce our medical waste?

Most medical waste disposal companies simply have no interest in helping their clients reduce their medical waste, because more waste from you means more money for them.

Oncore Technology offers reusable sharps program that cuts cost and waste.

Do you clean and treat the waste yourself?

  1. Many Medical waste companies are in fact brokers not actually regulated medical waste treatment facilities.

Oncore Technology treats medical waste at is locations or installs an onsite treatment option for large generators.

Will you provide medical waste disposal services at a price that’s 15% – 25% lower than my current provider…with no hidden fees?

Many medical waste disposal companies overcharge you by as much as 25% and then slap you hidden fees such as fuel surcharges and environmental fees.

Oncore Technology guarantees their prices will be 15% – 25% lower than the competition, with absolutely no hidden fees.

Are you a locally-owned and operated company?

According to Local Works, for every $100 spent with a local vendor, $73 (73%) stays in your community.  When the same amount is spent with a “non-local” national company, only $43 (43%) stays in your community.

Oncore Technology is a locally-owned and operated medical waste disposal company that reinvests the profits we earn from our customers back into our community.

Can I cancel our agreement without penalty if I’m dissatisfied?

Few medical waste disposal companies give their customers the option of canceling their agreement and the ones that do charge a “liquidation fee” equal to six months of invoices.

Oncore Technology s does not have to hold our customers hostage to an agreement, because we’ve got a customer retention rate of 98.7%.  If you’re dissatisfied for any reason you can cancel our agreement without penalty.

How can our facility be sure the medical waste has been effectively treated?

Oncore Technology’s sanitizer, Onchlor 25, is the most powerful and safest medical waste sanitizer available. The solution is U.S. EPA registered and permitted and consistently exceeds testing expectations in every challenge. Continued
safety and performance is assured by scheduled efficacy testing as part of Oncore Technology‘s program.

Is the medical waste shredded so it can’t be recognized?

The Oncore Technology Opposing Blade System macerates the waste allowing Onchlor 25 to saturate (with liquid and vapor) the entire load to achieve complete sanitization. In most states, the treated waste could then be legally and safely
sent to the landfill as harmless solid waste. However, Oncore Technology recommends and offers additional finishing and disposal options. These options not only render the medical waste compact and unrecognizable, but also allow a medical
facility an additional savings in the ability to process their sensitive documents and HIPAA records.

What is a facility’s actual capital investment when installing a system?

Oncore Technology requires no upfront capital from the waste generator. After a survey is conducted to determine volumes, costs and handling procedures, Oncore Technology will provide your facility with a proposal for suggested cost
reductions and a fixed monthly service charge for equipment, installation, an ongoing supply of Onchlor 25, all maintenance for the system, training and any support items needed for the optimal operation of the system.

Is the Oncore system a “green” technology?

There are no air emissions from the unit, since the chamber is sealed and water tight. The liquid discharge is treated by the process, and the Onchlor 25 is neutralized in both chemical reactivity and pH before it is discharged to the
sanitary sewer. There are no noise issues with the unit, since the systems are designed for operation inside buildings and meet all noise limitation requirements. The processor requires very small amounts of electricity and water in
comparison to other technologies. In short, the carbon footprint of Oncore’s Medical Waste Processor is significantly less than other treatment technologies.

Are there risks in treating medical waste onsite?

The risks associated with medical waste start at the very point of generation, and remain with the generator until proper treatment and disposal. When a third party vendor has to remove the untreated medical waste and transport it to
another site, the risk is inherently increased by exposure to the public. By treating the medical waste onsite, risk is limited to the least possible exposure. The onsite handling and exposure is not changed by treating the waste onsite,
and can actually be reduced by improving the collection systems within the institution.