Onsite Services

Acute Care Hospitals, Hospitals IDN’s


Route Services

Doctors, Labs, Clinics, Dialysis, Blood Centers, Rural Hospitals


Sharps Exchange

Reusable and Disposable Sharp Programs



Oncore Technology provides reliable, flexible regulated medical waste solutions with custom solutions depending on user’s needs. We are commited to providing each user with the right solution that is cost effective and
designed for them. We make it easy for generators to switch services with clear and simple service agreements and solutions that make sense. With no hidden or escalationg fees, you pay for the service your practice needs without any

HIPPA and Sensitive
Records Shredding

The same shredding and compaction system used for the processing of treated waste also allows a facility to process its own HIPAA and sensitive documents onsite. The system’s
unique shredding method destroys documents with a series of rotating blades that asymmetrically shred materials until a minimum particle size is achieved. Unlike strip-type shredders that can leave long pieces of data readable,
Oncore’s method results in virtually no identifiable information after shredding.

Additional Information or Specific Quote for Your Practice or Healthcare Facility by Request. Current Vendor Information May Be Required. When is a good time for you to start saving on regulated medical waste? Let us know and we will be happy to assist you.